giovedì 18 novembre 2010

Speedmotive. A Reason for a Logo.

Speed.. the emotion expressed as greatness that hems in itself 2 worlds in balance between each other. The world of rationality, that one made of science and technology, made of graphics, materials,numbers and rules, set against the world of passion, made of romanticism, poetry,character,instinct, anarchy.

The mechanic hawk represents all this. Represents my way of seeing things, but above all represents my way of create them,conceive them, because in this world I was born and grown up.

Represents beauty, speed,efficiency, precious values.

It’s not only future,is Futurism , visceral passion for each sort of movement, on wheels,that ploughs on the water with a hull or in the sky.. the mobility as emotion, as an aim.

The rationality fits in with all this to funnel the passion, to manage it, to govern it, to lead up to overcome the obstacoles that alone couldn’t face, whichever they are, it doesn’t matter that it’s asked to consume or pollute less,that it’s asked to spend less, this is the real challenge.

The challenge of think about even on a vehicle slower with the values of Speedmotive, with the values of an iron hawk, the values of passion and rationality, the values that I identify and make mine and that I learned to respect and love.

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